V-Day special nail art designs

StyleSpeak brings to you some amazing nail art designs to make your client V-Day date ready
20 February, 2018

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner your nail salon willbe flooded with clients wanting to have those hot, love-worthy manicures and nail art that shout – glamour, oomph and class! Red nail polish for V-day?Groundbreaking! But cool red nail art is what looks exciting and eye catching.

Here, StyleSpeak shows the magic you can create on your clients’ nails this V’Day!


  • Heart Tips

Get literal by painting hearts on your clients’ nails. This nail art has love written all over it!

How to: First,file your client’s nails into a pointy almond shape. Next, apply two coats of a neutral polish on each nail. Once that dries, take the red polish and start by painting the arches of the heart near the base of each nail. Continue to paint the entire tips of the nails red to complete the hearts. Finish with top coat.


  • RubyRose

This one’s a heart stealer! Itis all glamorous and chic. Your client will thank you for making her nails lookso gorgeous.

How to: First paint each ofyour client’s nails a different matte red or pink shade. Then use nail glue to adhere a craft jewel onto an accent nail.


  • RedStuds

This nail art looks so neat andclassy! Minimalist yet elegant this nail art is for those like to standout in the crowd.

How to: Start with two coats ofa neutral polish on each nail for your client’s base. Then paint decorativenail studs with red polish and clear top coat. Use nail glue to adhere them to each nail.


  • TinyHearts

This nail art will make yourclient believe in the magical moment of ‘love is in the air’. It is covered in cute teensy weensy hearts!

How to: Start with a layer ofclear base coat polish on each nail. Using a dotting tool and red nail polish,paint two small dots to make the arches of the heart. Use the dotting tool toconnect the dots together to complete the heart shape. Continue this pattern as many times as you like on each nail.


  • Red with Nude Stripes

This one’s an inviting nail art which says come through!

How to: Find your client’sfavourite nude nail polish colour and start by painting each nail that shade.Then use a red polish to paint the base of each of your client’s nails in awavy shape, stopping just before the middle of the nail. Now paint tips of the nailsred, leaving a sliver of the nude polish in an abstract wavy line in the middle.Finish with top coat.


  • GradientRed

Here’s an ideal way to take on the theme colour and elevate it just a bit!

How to: Start by painting justthe corner of the base of each of the nails a deep red shade. Then use aslightly lighter brick red shade and paint just below and at an angle, allowingthe deep red to peek out of the corner. Finish with a bright cherry red shadeover the rest of the nail, leaving a sliver of the brick red showing in the corner.


  • Heart Beats

This nail art design features a glittery, electrocardiogram-like heart rhythm on top of subtle gradient French tip. It’s a bit offbeat and nerdy, but still relevant.

Howto: Start by painting your client’s nails with two coats of nude pink and then lightly sponge gradient at the tips for a light rosy frost like colour. Now,draw a heartbeat with ups and downs pattern using a striping brush! On the accent nail, put a small heart shape into the line instead of the heartbeat pattern. After which reinforce the line with micro glitter polish – to add some sparkle and bring out the line from the base. And you’re done!


  • Red Tips and Stripes

Start with a layer of clearbase coat over the entire nail. Then paint the top half section of your nailsred. Then use a striper brush to paint a thin red line slightly below the red tips, leaving a sliver of blank space between. Finish with top coat.




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