Latest Trends in Nail Care Industry

StyleSpeak’s guide for the latest treatments in the nail enhancement industry for healthy and happy nails
19 August, 2017

Every one loves to beautify their nails, but gone are those days where one would be happy with just a manicure or a pedicure. In today’s day and age of gadgets, gizmo sand advanced technology, beautification of nails has scaled new heights. Today clients not only want pretty looking nails but also healthy ones. StyleSpeak tells you all about the latest advancements in nail enhancement industry.

Trendy nail manicures and pedicures

Everyyear wardrobes are replenished with the latest in fashion but now it’s time toup your manicure and pedicure quotient too. Here are a few latest in-trendmanicures and pedicures that you could flaunt at your salon.

Wired manicures – The latest nail fad to rock the beauty world is wired manicure. The mastermind behind this unique manicure is Eun Kyung Park, the woman behind diamond nails, gemstone nails and glass nails. In this manicure,she uses thin wire pieces to create amazing 3D designs on the nails. The patterns range from cuticle ascents to intricate designs.

Pedicure – Dedicated foot care is essential for the overall look and to have good-looking toes. The atest in trend is a medi pedi or a pedicure. This is a more serious procedure with an element of pampering. It removes the calluses, corns and other unwanted dirt from the feet and also pampers them with a wrap and a massage.

Nailpolish treatments

Could you ever imagine a nail paint doing the job of a moisturizer as well? Yes, it’s true!The latest in the nail spa industry are nail lacquers infused with special nail treatments. The main aim of these magic potions is to improve the health of the nails and the best part is the more they are used better is the effect.Always have a set of these nail enamels at your salons.

Butter London sheer wisdom nail tinted moisturizer – This wonder nail paint releases some amount of nutrients when it comes in contact with the nail and gives a natural look to the nails. It is like popping in a multi vitamin tablet into your nails.

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment – This ballet pink tint has a fine blend of mineral-infused formula that creates a UV ray and water barrier that spoil nails. So all your clients who complain of breaking and peeling nails will berest assured of happy, long and well looked after nails. The Dermelect Peptide-Infused Nail Treatment Lacquer also has similar effects as it uses protein peptides.

Anti-ageing nail polish – Like the skin, nails also show signs of ageing but with Eve Snow anti-age nail polish in marula-rich pink shimmer, all the lost nutrients are replenished and the nails look healthy and supple.

Innovative nail paint removaloptions

With increased used of gel and long wear polish, professionals are concerned about nail paint removal as the nails can get damaged if the nail paint removalis not proper. The latest options that are safe and quick include peel-off base coats and steamers. The latter uses acetone-based removal solution that is warmed in a steamer and the steam helps to remove the pain more easily. The Xpress5 Top Coat by CND is another way to remove CND Shellac. Some brands offer foil wraps that help remove soak-off gels and gel polishes faster and better.

Nail Wraps make a comeback

Nailwraps have been popular since the 1980s but they have made a comeback recentlymaking them better and long lasting. Nail wraps are thin and durable materialsthat are added to the nails to add reinforcement. They are usually applied withresin and activator that give a durable nail enhancement. They are the bestchoice for clients who are sensitive to acrylic enhancements. Today it is amust have in every professional nail salon.




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