Dimpleplasty - The newest plastic surgery trend

Learn more about Dimpleplasty, its procedure and effects
19 August, 2017

If you thought stick-on freckles were bad enough, brace yourself: the latest way people arechanging their natural facial features is with surgery to create dimples. The newest millennial plastic surgery trend that’s all the rage is ‘Dimpleplasty’, which is a surgery to get tiny dimples to resemble gorgeous stars like Miranda Kerr, Gabrielle Union, Deepika Padukone, Preity Zinta and more. Most people wouldagree that dimples are attractive – cases in point: John Abraham, Miranda Kerrand Ariana Grande. Not everyonehas natural dimples. They are a result of skin being attached to underlyingfacial muscles.

‘Dimpleplasty’ – the procedure

Dimpleplasty is a simple outpatient procedure thattakes about 30 minutes and is gaining popularity as more and more clients areundergoing cosmetic procedures to get the features they have alwayswanted. It is a minimally invasiveprocedure that is used to create dimples in the face, most commonly within thecheeks. The technique can also be used to accommodate the rare request fora chin dimple. Creation of dimples is a short procedure that can be doneunder local anesthesia. It usually takes about 30 minutes, depending onthe client’s anatomy and surgeon’s technique. The procedure involves anincision inside of the mouth where a defect is created in the cheek muscleknown as the buccinator. There are no external incisions orbandages. The muscle is then attached to the undersurface of the skin sothat the dimples are seen upon animation but not when the face is relaxed.

Popularity of the procedure

Thisprocedure is gaining popularity due to its little downtime, enhancement offacial aesthetics, and lack of need for general anesthesia. Thepopularity of selfie photos is likely why more and more people are interestedin Dimpleplasty. Everyone loves and idolizes celebrities. And if a certainfavorite celebrity has dimpled cheeks, the followers might want to get them ontheir cheeks as well. Women of the millennial generation who fall within a middleto high socioeconomic level are the ones who want this treatment done.

The downtime

Following Dimpleplasty, the clientis left with semi-permanent dimples for about one to two months along with mildswelling and soreness, says Jones. After that initial period, the tissue willeventually settle and the indention will only be seen when smiling. Althoughthe treatment has little downtime there are still risks involved, which couldlead to deformities that are incredibly difficult to correct. Dimples could beoverly dramatic, appear underwhelming, look unnatural, disappear with time, oreven be located in the wrong place.

Permanency of artificial dimples

Noprocedure is completely permanent because the body will continue to change as oneages. With a proper technique one should anticipate permanent dimples that are dependent on a multitude of factors such as heredity, fluctuations inbody weight, aging and environmental factors. Overall, it is a nicheoperation that should give results that can be enjoyed for many years.



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