Masking - the most googled trend

Know more about this most popular trend masking and different types of face masks
01 June, 2017

Beauty trends come and go but one trendthat has been an integral part of the beauty industry for a long time now andis taking salons by storm is ‘Masking’. As per Google, it is one the mostsearched beauty trend in 2017. StyleSpeaks tells you all about masking and howit has dominated the world of beauty in the last few years…


What is Masking?

Today, people want quick fixes to looktheir best. From shiny, long tresses to flawless skin, everyone wants to lookand feel like their favourite divas. Masking has made life easier for suchpeople, with products that can make skin and hair glow within a few hours. Soone can be ready for that impromptu dinner do and look her best with theseacross-the-counter masks or in-salon fixes. Beauty mavens are foreverresearching on the tweaks and changes that can be made to make this trend acult favourite.

Masking– The Trends So Far

Hair contouring, highlighting, strobingand facials have been around in the market for some time but the trend that hasdominated the world of beauty for the last few years is masking. Sales of maskshave been increasing steadily thanks to beauty brands working tirelessly tomake them an essential part of one’s beauty routine.

Today, a salon has a dedicated list ofhair masks, face masks and even body masks to treat every kind of skin and hairtype. In fact, numerous trends have emerged in masking such as multi-masking,24k gold face mask and the sheet mask selfie.


The K-beauty industry has nowdiscovered the art of multi-masking using different types of face masks ondifferent parts of the facial skin simultaneously. This works best for peoplewith an oily T-zone. For instance, a hydrating mask for the cheeks, a soothingone for under the eye and a clay mask to firm up the skin on the t-zone. Thisbeauty trend has gone viral with Instagram being flooded with images ofinnovatively masked people.

The K-Beauty industry is also going gaga over rubber masking which isessentially a seal-proof barrier for the skin that gives it the muchneeded hydration and nutrients.

As per Google, masking has gained popularity mainly because of its fame inJapan where there are special masks for the legs, cuticles, hands, andheels. Soon there will be a time where there will be a specialized maskfor every part of the body!


Typesof Masks

With the internet and Instagram goingberserk with pictures and information on masking, there is a plethora of choicewhen it comes to masks.


A hot favourite among the youth is thesheet masks for hair. It is a hair-net treatment, wherein the hair is tied in aponytail and dipped into a bag of hair care products that are massaged in well.Using collagen, keratin, proteins and other natural oils and creams, this bagof goodies can turn dry, limp, frizzy hair into a smooth, lustrous silk robe.Besides this there are plenty of cosmetic hair masks that use the goodness of oils,creams and hair strengthening ingredients to give one’s locks a seriousstrength boost.


For those who would like to go natural,there are many homemade masks that can easily be applied at home. You can buythese across-the-counter packs of hair masks and face masks and use them easilyat home to get salon-like results.       



With cosmetic brands going wild withthis popular beauty trend and salons trying out their own variations of it,masking is definitely here to stay!

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