The White Door, Mumbai Salon Review

Discover truly bespoke services in nail care and skin care with The White Door
28 November, 2018
Eden Noronha

In the search for luxury and thorough standards of hygiene in the spa industry, there emerges a sanctuary in Mumbai city that maintains strong values in delivering luxurious and immaculate services to its clients. The White Door, a bespoke nail and beauty spa located in Bandra the heart of Mumbai city, is a fresh new spa that stands for purity, hygiene, transparency and perfection. Founded by young entrepreneur Sana Dhanani, The White Door aims to redefine the idea of premium care in this city by offering the finest bespoke experiences to each client.

Excited to review this luxury spa, I arrived at The White Door only to find Ms. Sana Dhanani awaiting my arrival in the patio adjoining the salon. We began to discuss her ideas and perceptions about her newly launched spa over a cup of tea. “Mumbai being the dynamic city that it is, I saw that barring the five-star hotels, very few standalone properties laid emphasis on true luxury. Having traveled across the world and witnessing the best that this industry has to offer, it was only natural that I wanted to bring back these experiences to the city that I was born in,” Sana elaborates on her initial idea of starting the spa.


Products and Services


Being a unisex spa, the roster of services offered range from bespoke nail care, nail art, to luxurious facials, spa treatments for both women and men with high-end beauty products sourced from across the globe. This nail salon and spa also holds the distinction of being India’s first ever lacquer library which allows clients to rent nail polishes and return it back, keeping their nails always on trend.


The White door makes sure all the products used are result oriented. The products used in the bespoke beauty treatments are Phytomer and Biologique which are both professional brands that feature ingredients derived from the sea. Lacquers in the nail section used are O.P.I and Cuccio. In the nail care services, the white door also offers a bespoke organic range of treatments called Grandma’s menu which features naturally sourced ingredients used in its purest form. The salon does practice a lot of steps to resonate harmoniously with the environment and also offer the best quality hygiene and services.




There is a massive vintage white door that opens up to a space that embodies a very chic design aesthetic. The space uses white in a glossy finish and is complimented by Blue, Gold and grey accents seen on the upholstery, and wall art. There are tablets at every station for clients to use while they go through their treatments and also a rack of books to indulge in.

My Experience

On entering the salon and enjoying the finer details of the décor and ambience, I was led to a tranquil treatment room to experience a bespoke facial. The beautician examined my skin and suggested I undergo a Phytomer Acne Defense Facial as I have witnessed a few breakouts due to climate change and environmental aggressors. The beautician explained that they do not steam the face during any facial and instead just curate a bespoke facial with products to counter skin concerns and massage techniques to rejuvenate the skin. My facial involved the use of three exfoliators used individually, each used to target a skin concern systematically. This bespoke facial first addressed my acne by calming it down, then de tanned my skin and the last exfoliator took care of uneven skin tone. After the use of these exfoliators, the beautician used a self warming masque to purify and tighten my pores and finally concluded the facial by toning my face, applying a suited moisturizer, sunscreen and a hydrating lip balm.

I also had to get my hands a bespoke manicure to witness the luxury element of their nail services. The nail technician led me to a nail station and began prepping my nails for a classic manicure. I also binged on mini cupcakes from their menu while waiting for the nail tech to set up. As per the strict hygiene rules, the technician opened a new nail kit to use on my hands and at the end of the service which I can take home and bring back to the salon if I wish as they do not use the same nail kit on different clients. The manicure commenced for half an hour and included products that had naturally sourced ingredients. As I waited to dry my polished nails, I spent my time browsing videos on the tablet at the nail station.

The White Door stays true to its promise of delivering high end bespoke services to clients along with high standards of hygiene and overall delivering a truly luxurious experience.

Fact File

Name of the Salon: The White Door

Established: May 2018

Area: 1600 sq ft

Founder: Sana Dhanani

Timings: 10 AM to 9 PM

Number of staff: 20

Contact: 022 6742 7444

Address: 8, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050







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