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Meet the talented Julia Siira, Swedish Hairstylist and Hair Expert, Streax Professional
05 November, 2018
Nidhi Soparawala

“Every time I style a client and the end result is a happy face, it reinforces my decision made to take on this profession as a career.” - Julia Siira

She’s always had keen interest in hairstyling. She enjoys the power her job gives her of transforming a person’s looks and making them happy while doing so. Julia Sirra is not just passionate about her job, but she loves it and thoroughly enjoys every bit of the process – be it hairstyling, hair cutting, hair colouring or learning each day on her job. She enjoys her freedom to be creative as a hairdresser and it shows in her work!

Julia came to Mumbai to join hands with Streax Professional, a premium Indian hair colour and style brand to introduce the ‘Avant Garde hairstyle range’ at the Salon India Showcase at Professional beauty, Mumbai and be a part of the mega hair show ‘Hair & Beyond’ in Ghaziabad and Vijayawada to showcase the brand’s Marigold Collection.

Let’s find out what Julia has to say about her professional journey, about her opinion on Indian hair market and more.

1. How did you decide on becoming a hairdresser?

From childhood, I had a keen interest in hairdressing. I would spend hours watching makeover shows on TV as well as participate in competitions. The joy it brought to me every time I worked on somebody’s hair was inexplicable.

2. How important do you think education is in this field?

Education is extremely important in the field of cut, colour and style. It is essential for technicians and hair professionals to get the right education and knowledge before trying it on their customers. I truly believe that the right technique and skill is of utmost importance to attain exceptional results.

3. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

The most exciting part of my job is to meet new people every day, be it in Sweden at the salon, at competitions or while I travel for shows. The most enjoyable bit, of course is to work on different kind of hair, play with varied colours and be part of the transformation one is looking for.

4. What inspires you to remain in this profession?

Every time I cut or style somebody’s hair, it’s the most amazing feeling to see the change in body language of the person. The reaction of the transformed person amazes me. I do believe that when you make your passion your job, you enjoy every moment of work. I wake up happy and charged to go to work, and that’s what draws me to do better every day. It’s a creative field with new things to learn and experience, not mundane and monotonous I guess that’s what does the trick.

5. What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

We are in an age where the customer has done his or her homework before coming to you. However, what they often don’t realize is ‘the one size fits all’ concept doesn’t work in the beauty business. It’s a combination of science and art that makes a successful makeover work on you.

People who come with certain expectations, and you as an expert know that it may not be a suitable solution or offering is what makes the job challenging.

6. How different is the Indian salon industry as compared to those across the globe?

I think the lines are blurring when it comes to a comparison with the Indian salon industry and the industry across the globe. India is doing everything and more to grow the business here. International hairstylists are associated with leading brands to bring global products and international styles to the Indian market. International brands are paving their way into the country through tie-ups and associations. The Indian salon industry has spread their wings across the globe and have positioned themselves as a market with huge potential. Brands across are noticing this and working towards setting up shop here to exploit its full potential.

7. What is your opinion on the Indian hairstylist?

I think Indian hairdressers are very creative and fearless; they are open to trying different styles and techniques. In Sweden, hairdressers stick to the do’s and don’ts of the business. What I really admire is that here they don’t play by the rules, they enjoy experimenting which is very good.

8. Where does India stand in terms of global hair trends and the hair market?

I think India is on par with global trends and that’s something amazing to learn. Trends are catching on so fast here that customers are asking about the latest trends and colours that are in vogue. The salon professionals that I interacted with are totally aware about high fashion, funky colours, and latest techniques used across the world. Every second person is talking Balayage, Ombre, Bronde and Cold Brew.


Favourite cuisine: Indian food

Favourite holiday destination: Sri Lanka

Favourite stress buster: Hiking

Highest High: When I won the 2nd place, in my 1st world championship

Lowest Low: When I did not come in the top 3, in a competition in South Korea

Personal style statement: Bohemian

Your favourite salon: SandvikDomeij in Sweden



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