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Q&A with a very quirky, funny and wonderfully talented hairdresser – Dharmesh Hingorani a.k.a. Dodo
10 September, 2018
Nidhi Soparawala

“Believe in yourself, don’t give up. Running a business can be tough but the tough shall keep you going!” – Dodo

He was always fascinated by hair. From modeling for a hair show to now being a full-fledged, super skilled hairdresser and founder of ZIDO salon. Dodo has achieved a lot in the field of hairdressing. He is hardworking and passionate about his work, he enjoys meeting new people, and believes in constantly educating himself about hairdressing. He recently judged the Graduation Show at London School of Barbering.

Let’s find out more about Dodo’s life, his salon, his beliefs about hairdressing and everything that inspires him to be what he is today!

1 Why and how did you decide to be a professional hairstylist?

2004 is when I decided to become a hairdresser. Hair used to always fascinate me; just the idea of how much a haircut could change you would blow my mind. Then in 2004, I volunteered as a model for a hair show, where the (then) Art Director of Toni&Guy, Omar, cut my hair on stage. At the end, when I finally saw my haircut, I was amazed at how he achieved exactly what he said he would. I was hooked, I had to know more and a few weeks later, I enrolled in hair school.

2 When was your salon ZIDO launched? What inspired you to open your own salon?

ZIDO was launched in Dec 2009. When I quit my last job, I realized I was looking for more than just making money or being famous as a hairstylist. I teamed up with Zing and came up with the idea of a salon where we concentrate on giving each client personalized hair services, at the same time educate them on good hair care regime.

3 How has the journey been so far for you as a stylist and as a salon owner?

It’s been an exciting journey so far. One of the most remarkable part of my journey as a hairstylist/salon owner is the fact that the people I idolized as ‘Hair Gurus’, now in turn, appreciate my work; that's definitely a great feeling!

4 What is the USP of your salon?

USP of our salon is the fact that each and every service in our salon is personalized to the client's need. Our aim is to make clients express who they really are and what their style is via their hair. Also, our team is an extremely friendly and fun loving bunch, which makes the experience at the salon one of kind.

5 What makes you stand out as a hairstylist?

Understanding the client's need is what I am really good at. I also believe in constantly updating and educating myself, because learning never ends. I guess that's what sets me apart, the fact that I am very inquisitive and eventually that leads to getting educated further.

6 How did it feel like to be one of the jury members at LSB? What was the experience like?

The day I got the news, I went through a mixbag of emotions! Honestly, I was overwhelmed because it is an honour to be recognized by one of the most respectable education institute. The experience was fantastic! It was great to see the level of finesse of every student passing out on that day, which made the job of being a judge extremely challenging!

7 What goes into becoming a hairstylist?

Being a hairstylist means putting in a lot of hard work. The job can be mentally and physically challenging, given the kind of demands and expectations clients have these days. You need to be disciplined as a hairdresser, at the same time it’s equally important to know how to have fun.

8 How important do you think education is in this field?

It is very important! It is extremely important to constantly keep updating yourself on latest trends and techniques or you will be left behind in the race.

9 What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

Our job revolves around making people look and feel good. This can be quite challenging these days, because everybody is getting more and more critical about how they look.

10 What inspires you in this business?

People inspire me; from dressing sense to quirky personalities. Also, hair as an industry is constantly growing and producing new talent. It’s the youth/new talent that inspires me for their innovations and fearlessness. New trends too inspire me to create new content.


Favourite cuisine: Anything with meat in it

Favourite holiday destination: London & Thailand

Favourite stress buster: Long bike rides

Most memorable moment: Starting ZIDO salon

Personal style statement: Cool casuals

Highest high: Being invited to judge at LSB

Your favourite salon: Not Another Salon




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