Celebrity Hairstylist–Laurent Philippon shares his amazing journey to success

In conversation with the super talented hairstylist, Laurent Philippon
09 August, 2018
Nidhi Soparawala

From growing up in a small town in France to becoming a world-famous hairdresser, Laurent Philippon has had an amazing journey with enormous success. He has always loved working with right from when he was a teenager. He is energetic, enthusiastic and loves hairdressing with immense passion. His work includes a lot of editorial shoots with the likes of Patrick Demarchelier, Jean-Paul Goude, Karl Lagerfeld to name a few alongwith actresses such as Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, Bella and Gigi Hadid and many more.

“I love the language of hair, I think everybody wears their hair to suit how they feel, I find that fascinating,” says Laurent.

Here Laurent talks about his work, his journey as a hairstylist and his experience Let’s find out all of this and more...

    Why and how did you decide to become a professional hair stylist?

I grew up in a small town in France and my dad was a barber, so I did kind of grow up in a hair environment. Although, I didn’t like cutting hair for men, but when I started to cut women’s hair, I was only 14 and I loved it right away; I knew this was going to be my job.When I started working in this amazing salon in Paris called Alexandre de Paris, I realized, that one could be a hairdresser and work in fashion and this is what I've been doing ever since.


What goes into becoming a professional hairstylist?

A lot of patience and a lot of hard work.

What is your clientele like?

Some of them are really cool; others act more like divas. Uma Thurman for example was absolutely charming and sublime. The key when dealing with celebrities is to know how to make them comfortable and confident.


What are the challenges you face in this field?

My biggest challenge was making my book, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy. It was something I’ve never done before! As hair stylists, there is no time for us to be stars. Your line of work demands you to be in a constant analysis of your work, in constant doubt of doing a good job, facing either gratitude from colleagues or deception. So, I would say being a hair stylist involves always seeking improvement in one’s work, always moving forward with one’s skills.


What elements do you enjoy the most in your field of work?

Everything! I like creating, most of my work – music videos, commercials, fashion shoots and fashion shows, where we are creating an ideal woman.


What is the purpose behind your visit to India this time?

To conduct a Master Class in India for the very first time. I have collaborated with Make-up Designory (MUD), India who is hosting the session for hair professionals (working with salons or independently).


Do you think Indian’s are experimental when it comes to hairstyles?

I think lately India has been definitely more open to the world, though I think Indians are very attached to their culture and I do think that there is a change, there are some sections that are still shy about experimenting, but the younger generation, they want to embrace the global culture.


How different is hair styling for ramp as compared to editorial shoots and even the regular clients?

The difference is when you are on a shoot, the hairdresser is right there, you can tweak the hair here and there and what is going on in the back does not matter. For us as hair artists, the possibilities are wider when you do a red carpet look on real woman wherein she can be seen from every angle. That’s the difference and then again particularly for red carpet, I want her to look the most beautiful person – her entire look not just her hair has to be beautiful!


How important do you think education is in this field?

It is incredibly important! I think there is a lot that has to be taught. Today the educators need to be more passionate.


Where do you take inspiration from to create your own distinctive style?

For me, it’s important to be curious. I love looking at art books, exhibitions, museum, photography, all the arts in general are something I love but I also find inspiration in poetry and shapes in nature. I am highly inspired by my teachers – Alexandre de Paris, Julien Dy's, and his father.



      • Favourite cuisine: Gujarati (vegetarian)
      • Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere on my sailing boat
      • Favourite stress buster: A glass of red wine
      • Most memorable moment: When I see my roses coming out on my terrace
      • Personal style statement: Mix and match, I never wear a full look of one designer, comfortable wear
      • Highest high: The highest high is when I am on my boat and there are dolphins around
      • Lowest low: When my mom and dad are unwell
      • Your favourite salon: Le Salon – it is on the outskirts of Paris.


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