Shivani Sharma–Founder of Lure Nails, launches a new nail product

Lure Nails introduces a new nail product in the market.
13 May, 2018

When and how did Lure Nails enter the Indian market? What has been the response to the brand?

Lure Nails was formed almost 7 years ago. I realized that after I opened and am successfully running 2 Nail Salons, the industry requires much more with respect to good products and good quality rigorous training. Hence I decided on distribution and training through Lure Nails.

What brought about the idea to launch U Shine?

India is a vast country, with clients of all categories. I felt there was a need for an affordable yet a good quality nail product which is user friendly and involves minimal training. Most of the salons in tier 2 and 3 cities are deprived of training due to lack of access to brands. Affordability was another deterrent in the industry’s growth. If the products are cheap then they lack quality. I wanted to use my experience in this field and get a product which was affordable but did not lack quality and that’s how I launched U shine.

How did you launch U Shine by Lure Nails?

We have launched the first 50 colours of 1 step gel Polish which requires no base and no top coat and has direct application. By the end of this financial year U shine will have over 150 colours. We did a soft launch at HBS Mumbai and a grand launch is planned for the 6th& 7th of June 2018 at our grand NAILINAR in New Delhi. We plan to have a mass hands-on training session on U shine.

Tell us a little about how the products are formulated

The Gel polish is formulated to be long-lasting with high-quality colour pigments. Harmful chemicals like DBP & TOLUENE are not used. The gel is formulated to have the right amount of viscosity and strength. The gel is not fluid but it is quite flexible and can be used to make nail charms, 3d and 4d without using any extra products. It can be used with external tips and without and can be sculpted too.

How is the brand going to be marketed?

U shine is our Home brand under the Lure Nails banner and will be marketed through our existing modes of Distributors and Trainers throughout the country. It will be available through various e commerce platforms as well social media platforms.

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