Red Carpet Style

Red Carpet Style

01 November, 2017

Step 1

Wash and blow-dry the hair until they are smooth.Dividethe hair into three sections. Create a parting leading from the left eyeacrossthe top of the head towards the right side of the neck. Second partingleadsfrom the top of the head towards the right eye. This way you will create atriangle on the topof the head.

Step 2

At the back sections form ponytails on the top of head’scrown. At the triangular section create a ponytail above the face. Backcomb theponytails and fix them with Laque Couture by Kérastase Paris.

Step 3

Divide each ponytail from theback sections into two parts and wrap each into a hair net

Step 4

Do not divide the ponytail in thetriangular section, only wrap it into a hair net.

Step 5

One by one, form the hair in thehair nets into flowers.

Step 6

Finally, use the One Pass hairiron by Bioionic to iron the flowers’ edges. This will accentuate the desiredfinal shape. Noe apply the instant shy and topcoat spray Gloss Appeal by byKérastase Paris on the whole hairstyle.

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