Beauty looks at the Ocean' 8 Premiere in London

Beauty looks at the Ocean' 8 Premiere in London

08 August, 2018


Rihanna put her best foot forward with a stunning beauty look that screamed siren. She wore a bold rosey red lippy in a moist-matte formula, goddess like bronzed skin and striking tight-lined smokey eyes that captivated the cameras with mild shimmer. Her make-up was not the only component of her look that stood out. Her hair was sleek and sculpted into the most stately top knot bun ever.

Rihanna beauty shimmer

Helena Bonham Carter

Where: Ocean’8 Premiere

What: Silver Struck

Helena Bonham Carter graced the premiere in London with a classy avant garde beauty look gleaming in silver. She kept it simple yet dazzling with a hint of a wild streak. Her was fashionably unkempt with voluminous pinned up curls. Her make-up was gorgeous with hydrated skin, plush red lips and silver eyeshadow to compliment her outfit. Her eyes were also carefully lined on the top lid and slightly towards the inner corner of the lower lid for an enhancing effect. 

Helena Bonham Carter Ocean’8 Premiere london beauty eyeshadow

Sandra Bullock

Where: Ocean’8 Premiere

What: Glam & Glow

Sandra bullock went for a soft yet  edgy make-up look and hair to go with it. Her look was breezy with a natural glow. Her make-up consisted of bublegum pink lips, peachy blush and softly lined eyes with a neutral shimmer eyeshadow for twinkly eyes. She wore her hair center parted, long and wavy in a contouring balayage that added warmth to her look.

Sandra Bullock Ocean’8 Premiere eyeshadow shimmer beauty

Sarah Paulson

Where: Ocean’8 Premiere

What: Winging it

Sarah Paulson wore an unusual yet completely mod beauty look that is sure to create waves in the beauty industry. Sarah wore graphic wing eyeliner just on the outer corner of her eyes leaving her upper and lower lash line bare. She teamed it up with bold eyebrows, fuchsia blush and coral lipstick. Her short bob hair was slicked back with gel which was the right style to enhance the bold eye make-up.

Sarah Paulson Ocean’8 Premiere beauty makeup

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