Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for your Salon

21 April, 2018

Marketing ideas to promote your salon and generate impressive revenue on this Valentine

Love is in the air and so is the excellent commercial opportunity for your salon. Yes, it’s time to pitch your clients that alluring rose infused facial, chocolate wax and champagne pedicure. Valentine’s is the best time when you can dole out irresistible offers and discounts to pull a crowd in your salon. Most couples look for a place where they can spend quality time together and your salon could be their ultimate destination for relaxation. Try these marketing ideas to promote your salon this Valentine’ month and make your client fall in love with your services. Curate Your Salon Menu Kick start your Valentine’s Day promotions by customizing your salon menu. Brainstorm with your team and personalize your salon menu for the entire month of February. Services like hair, nail and skincare can be personalized by infusing elements such as rose, strawberry, chocolate etc. Introduce pink and red hair extensions, Valentine’s-inspired nail art and heart-shaped hairstyles to your clients. Set up a separate Valentine’s makeover booth within your salon premises and encourage your clients to try your Valentine’s special services. Shower Lots of Love on Your Clients It’s time to shower lots of love on your clients. Make them feel extra special by offering generous discounts. Earn some brownie points by giving personalized services to your clients. Ensure that your client’s entry into your salon is a pleasant one. Appoint one of your staff members at the reception who can offer roses to your female clients. Give them a feeling of exclusivity by offering champagne to couples and a box of chocolates to your regular patrons. Valentine’s Day Vibe in Your Salon Most salons have glass doors that give a perfect marketing opportunity for salon owners. All you need is to make a most of it in order to create a perfect ambience and vibe suited to the occasion. Use Valentine’s special wallpapers or heart-shaped cutouts to decorate your salon. Posting a larger-than-life poster on the glass door is a sure-fire way to attract passersby. Make sure to display salon’s all on-going offers by putting up a standee outside of your salon. A colourful, vibrant salon will not only cheer you and your staff up but will make your salon look attractive. Make Love Not War Isn’t it a perfect occasion to make alliances rather than allies? In this month of love, team up with relevant vendors like flower seller, gift card producers, photographers and candy wholesalers and they will help you bring more business. Most importantly, if your salon serves only female clients then tying up with men salons will be very beneficial for your business. You can suggest men grooming products to your female clients as a Valentine’s Day gift for their partners. Partnering with different vendors can help you form new business relations, expanding your business further. After all, loving bonds make all the difference! Make It Social Your brick and mortar business possibly attract your old customers but ensure to grab the attention of new clients as well. Announce your Valentine’s Day offers and discounts on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram which can help you garner more business online. You can also generate discount codes and gift cards and make them easily available online. It is very helpful for generating more confirmed appointments via online as new customers can book it from the comfort of their home. A Lot like Love but More of a Business Lastly, business is a business! Agreed, it’s Valentine’s and you would want to delight your customers by going beyond their expectations. However, festive season brings most business to you and you should not lose this opportunity to make it big. This is the time when you can sell your retail products without much convincing to your clients and earn some extra money. Wrap beauty products like lipsticks, lip glosses, hair equipment and make-up products in an attractive gift paper and ensure to make a space for them where maximum eyeballs can be grabbed. This Valentine’s Day, not only make a space in their hearts by offering generous discounts but make them feel special in every way!

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